MAGNUS ® MP3039 Klimmzugstange Wandmontage Ecke

  • Die Pull Up Bar MAGNUS® MP3039 ist das ideale Trainingsgerät für intensive Klimmzüge. Klimmzugstangen sind platzsparende Trainingsgeräte, die ihnen ein umfassendes Krafttraining zuhause ermöglichen.
MAGNUS ® MP3039 Klimmzugstange Wandmontage Ecke
MAGNUS ® MP3039 Klimmzugstange Wandmontage Ecke
MAGNUS ® MP3039 Klimmzugstange Wandmontage Ecke
MAGNUS ® MP3039 Klimmzugstange Wandmontage Ecke
MAGNUS ® MP3039 Klimmzugstange Wandmontage Ecke
MAGNUS ® MP3039 Klimmzugstange Wandmontage Ecke
MAGNUS ® MP3039 Klimmzugstange Wandmontage Ecke
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Corner mounted pull up bar Magnus MP3039 for exercises Check out the amazing corner mounted pull up bar from Magnus Power. Two adjustable laser brackets, handle for heavy bag mount or TRX training belts, thick-walled pipe with 27mm of diameter, masterful design - these are the features of the leader in its class.
Keep reading and learn more Did you know that by working out with your own body weight you can achieve great and muscled figure faster ? Training with MAGNUS ® POWER MP3039 pull up bar you involve multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Pull up bar workout is the perfect way to achieve great results. Thanks to regular training with MAGNUS ® POWER MP3039 bar you get:

- increase your natural strength
- quick improvement of physical fitness
- sculpt upper body muscles
- increase muscle volume
- increase muscle extension and body suppleness

All you need for workout is the pull up bar.
Exactly like MP3039.
Multi function pull up bar Magnus
Why Magnus Power corner mounted pull up bar ? What`s important ? Proper construction Various bars are available on the market: wall mounted, ceiling mounted, for door-frames and corners. Choosing corner mounted pull up bar you need to remember, that adjustable mounting brackets are necessary. It`s very important, because your walls not always are perfectly straight. It`s worth knowing, that pull up bars without regulation strongly reducing the possibilities of assembly, and often installation of equipment won`t be possible, or the effect is going to be fatal.

MAGNUS ® DESIGN designers has ruled out any risk, thanks to application of two perfect laser made brackets. Both of the brackets have angle adjusted, so you can have unlimited possibilities of installation. MAGNUS ® POWER MP3039 is the first and only one corner mounted pull up bar with dual regulation, that guarantee you full range of setup and safety in 100%.
Proper construction of Magnus pull up bars Choose the safe pull up bar from Magnus Design ®, grasp the details thought out in every single way. Catch the rubber handles, take off and conquer the gravity.
Comfort during workout and your safety Safety MAGNUS ® POWER pull up bar is designed, to fully care about your safety. That`s the first pull up bar with both mounting brackets adjustable. Thanks to that, risk of incorrect assembly and ripping bar from the wall was completely excluded.
PS. Do you want to exercise safely, or treat injuries ?
Safe workout on Magnus chin up bars
Model MP3039
Weight 6 kg / 8 kg
Handle diameter 27mm
Bar length 133cm
Distance from wall 80cm
Dowels 12
Durability 260kg
Technology Ergonomics and aesthetics You probably noticed, how the MAGNUS ® DESIGN pull up bars are carefully thought out and constructed. Two beautiful, adjustable, "Butterfly" type brackets provides maximum freedom during assembly and ensures a safety during workout. Thanks to laser technology we have achieved excellent ergonomics. This bar is made to be extremely aesthetic and very durable. MAGNUS DESIGN ® experts are the team of athletes, physiotherapists and top designers, who knows and understands the anatomy of human body. That is why by choosing MP3039 pull up bar you have confidence, that you choose the best equipment in the world. Sports equipment NR1. Comfortable workout on Magnus pull up bar
Thick-walled precise 27mm pipe Guarantee of comfort during workout Watch out for pseudo bars with thin-walled 22-25mm pipe, from poor quality steel, which can stabs in your hands and reduce the durability of construction. Remember, that only MAGNUS ® POWER pull up bar is made out of high quality, certificated DC01 steel, 27mm pipe. Thanks to that you get strong pull up bar, with the perfect diameter of the grip and highest comfort during the workout. Pull up bars for home workout By choosing Magnus pull up bar you get:
  1. 200% better durability as opposed to competition
  2. Adjustable construction
  3. Excellent satin powder coating with highest quality "Diamond Black" paint
  4. Extended 7 years warranty on construction
  5. High standard of manufacturing in Premium Class confirmed by EN957 standard certificate
  6. Assurance of solid mounting thanks to 12 bolts and dowels
  7. Exceptional aesthetics - all screws with caps
Diverse training Multi function handle It`s a huge advantage of Magnus pull up bars. Additional hook makes this equipment the ideal choice for people who wants to train using TRX belts as well as martial arts, thanks to possibility of heavy bag mounting. Additionally you get snap hook FREE, which helps you to hook your accessories up. Pull ups on Magnus pull up bar, boxer training, TRX belts, TRX exercises
Do you even lift, bro ? Can you make 15 pull ups ? Your test: relative strength. Jump up and grab the bar with undergrasp or overgrasp, shoulder width. Cross your legs at the ankles (you can bend your knees). Pull up until your beard pass the bar. Slowly lower yourself to the starting position. Do not swing ! How to train on Magnus pull up bar, pull up technics, pull up bar workout Your result:
formless: 0-1 reps
weak: 2-5 reps
not bad: 6-10 reps
nice: 11-15 reps
very nice: 16-20 reps
you nailed it: >21 reps
Perfection by MAGNUS DESIGN ® Greatest Quality NR1 MP3039 is the premium equipment. MAGNUS DESIGN ® is the legendary brand, the largest manufacturer of pull up bars in the world. Magnus is the diversity of training and lifetime reliability. MP3039 machine is the essence of knowledge and design powers. Magnus pull up bars are distinguished by ultra strong 4K welds, excellent satin powder coating, laser production technology. The equipment is completed by an aesthetic finish, screw caps, rubber handles and an elegant branding. Video instruction on how to train with pull up bars - Magnus
    You're buying:
  • Pull up bar MP3039 - new, original
  • Classy box
  • Bolts + dowels free
  • Snap hook free
  • Training free
  • 7 years warranty
  • Assembly instruction
  • Certificate, EN957 standard
We beat everyone !
You`re buying in the best price, but also you get a present !
We reward every order with 20$ worth neoprene training gloves. With them you can protect your hands during training, improve your grip and secure yourself from injuries and abrasions.
Copyright © 2015 Magnus Design. Magnus Design ® is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.
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